Discovering Roller Skating as an Adult Roller Skating is Fun!

Skate Takes showcases the fun of (re) discovering roller skating as an adult. We started SkateTakes to show how fun roller skating is, inspire new adult roller skaters, and to help new adult skaters get plugged in to their local skate family. 

Eddy and Liz of SkateTakes at Kate's Skating Rink in Gastonia, NC discovering roller skating as an adult
Promoting Roller Rink Skating

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Hi, we're Liz and Eddy, and we started SkateTakes not only to promote the fun of roller skating, but to really bring the focus onto skating in roller rinks as adults.

We’ve read that there are only about 1000 roller rinks in the United States, and it really seems like every time we turn around, there is another rink closing. This is tragic!

While we don’t have the money to open our own rink, after discovering roller skating as adults in 2022, we started SkateTakes to do what we see as our little part — bringing attention to how fun this all is and to encourage new adult skaters to join in the fun. It's never too late to learn to roller skate.

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Sharing the Fun of Roller Skating in Roller Rinks as Adults


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